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Learn from Others in Real-time

Unknown to known in less than 90 seconds. We process and distribute new meta-data within 90 seconds.

The Smart Hive Platform

Get a complete view of all the relevant intelligence from your entire organization and beyond your network with the power of the HIVE.

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The HIVE Response
  1. HIVE member stops an attack
  2. Smart Hive gets the event
  3. Smart Hive enriches and analyzes the event
  4. In less than 90 seconds, based on the request of analysis, member peers are informed of the attack and exact actions needed to stop the attack


90 seconds

Smart Hive Flow

Smart Hive


Smart Hive is able to show you how your profile is changing over time. If you are seeing more or fewer attacks.​

Information Sharing

The Smart Hive platform allows organizations to share real-time, relevant and actionable intelligence with each other while maintaining confidentiality.

Vendor Agnostic

Smart Hive is vendor and protocol agnostic. We ingest data from all security vendors and normalize the logs into our proprietary data model to classify and quickly share threat data no matter the receiving product.

Real Time

Unknown to known in less than 90 seconds. We process and distribute new threats within 90 seconds.

The HIVE allows companies to learn anonymously from each other.

Data you share cannot be linked back to you.

Leverage existing security tools to share and receive threat data.

Attacks happen at machine speed why can't sharing?

We purposely limit the data collected to non-proprietary data.

Peer Benchmarking

Learn from the HIVE and benchmark your organization against others with the worlds only information security sharing platform.

Compare your organization’s threats against your peers. Smart Hive is able to show how you compare to your peers from both an attack perspective as well as a tool effectiveness perspective.

Smart Hive Echo Station

The Smart Hive Solution

Real-Time Threat Adaptive Sharing Cloud

Instant and anonymous learning allow organizations of any size to leverage the power of the HIVE to expedite the discovery, hunting and remediation of new and unknown threats. Attackers work together, the cyber security professionals now have a platform to unite and connect their indicators of compromise.

Intelligence driven solutions like smart hive allow organizations to comparing their current security posture to their peers, adapt as their peers do or quantitatively show their executives, they’re leading the industry in threat mitigation.