The Hive


The Smart Hive platform allows organizations to share real-time, relevant and actionable intelligence with each other while maintaining confidentiality.

Smart Hive is vendor and protocol agnostic. We ingest data from all security vendors and normalize the logs into our proprietary data model to classify and quickly share threat data no matter the receiving product.

Unknown to known in less than 90 seconds. We process and distribute new threats within 90 seconds.

With Smart Hive you are able to automatically integrate our blocking actions directly into you security devices. Allowing you to respond to new threats at machine speed.


Compare your organization's threats against your peers. Smart Hive is able to show how you compare to your peers from both an attack perspective as well as a tool effectiveness perspective.

Smart Hive is able to show you how your profile is changing over time. If you are seeing more or fewer attacks.

Smart Hive enables you to understand if your security tools are providing maximum value or if there are other tools providing better value.

Supplychain management is difficult to audit and very common target for an attacker. By requiring suppliers to participate in The Hive you know they are aware of the latest threats to both them and you.