Smart Hive has created a platform that will allow organizations to share real-time, relevant and actionable intelligence among each other while maintaining confidentiality.We can work across any vendor any protocol and do this almost real-time. Think of us as Waze for cybersecurity.

Threat actors count on organizations inability to communicate threats with each other. They attack thousands of organizations, leaving each organization to detect and stop the attack on their own. Smart Hive takes that advantage away from the threat actors by allowing organizations to share what they are seeing and how they are stopping it. We don’t just share data from one company to another; we apply intelligence to the data and only share what is relevant, thus preventing false positives.

Daily, CISOs are asked or are asking how their organization compares to their peers. Smart Hive can help answer that question. Through the collection of threat, vulnerability, patch, and other data categories, we can help companies anonymously understand where they stand against their peers. All of this without Privacy, Regulatory, or other risk associated with the release of this data due to the technologies ability to anonymize all data sent to The Hive.

Reach out to Smart Hive and see how we can help you turn your information sharing into Real-time, Relative, and Actionable information.

Sanjay Patel

Founder & CEO

Sanjay has 20+ years of security experience. Before starting Smart Hive Sanjay was a executive at TJX where he helped build the security, risk and architecture team post breach. He's managed multiple global teams including Security, Risk, Architecture, Store systems, Middleware, Storage, and Virtualization.Prior to TJX Sanjay worked at various startups including Mvalent, Breakaway and Cyberark.

Alexander Frazer

Founder & VP Engineering

Alex has 10+ years of building highly available, scalable systems. Most recently, Alex founded and been solely responsible for engineering at a cyber security automation company. Prior to that, Alex worked at Cybereason where he managed the security service provider business unit, and was responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the SOC operating system that enabled seven security analysts to manage over 650,000 endpoints 24/7.